[PD] Working with Memory-Mapped File or Ramdisk

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 13:11:52 CEST 2021

a couple of loose thoughts, I don't know anything about pi:

- you mean that using [netsend] / [netreceive] is too slow compared to 
writing/reading to ramdisk?

- would it be better to centralize the patch+instances using pd~? (I 
imagine [clone] uses the same thread)

- if these are single values, send them through virtual midi or audio 

> Hi List,
> I want to share memory between several instances of PD running on 
> separate reserved cores. I've tried the share-mem lib, but it has a 
> very high overhead.
> Since I am writing custom externals for the puredata patches, I have 
> started to include writing the data to be shared into files on a 
> ramdisk. It does work quite nicely, but I am wondering whether some 
> more elegant solution could be done using the Memory-Mapped Files, or 
> are there any other simple and fast solutions around?
> Has anyone on this list experience with this? I don't actually need to 
> share large data sets, mostly it's just bytes that indicate the state 
> of the patch. Network based solutions have proven to be too slow.
> These patches will run on raspberry pi.
> Thanks!
> S

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