[PD] How to talk to the Raspberry 4 GPIO and a multiple object question ?

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Tue Sep 21 17:53:46 CEST 2021

Now that I got most of my software running on the Pi - with much more
performance than I expected - I need to be able talk to the GPIO of the RPi


First of all a big thanks again for everybodys help me with the libraries !
! !


I know there had been some changes a while ago with the RPi GPIO when some
way to interfacing with Pd dumped.

I'm not sure what it was anymore - so, how can I connect from Pd atm?

All I need to be able to do for now is turning on a few LEDs.


Does [comport] recognize the GPIO of the RPi 4?


BTW, the libraries are mostly working but I happen to have some trouble with
[speedlim] being in 3 different libraries.

It's in Cyclone (which I had been using before and is working fine) and also
in maxlib and iemlib.

The latter gives me sometimes trouble but I don't know how I can get rid of
single objects in "iemlib".

(Sometimes it outputs a float instead of a list. I have already [t list] in
front of it.)


Is it possible or will I have to prepend "cyclone" every time?


Or is there another way to make sure that the cyclone object will be used
first instead of the iemlib object?

The libraries are currently loaded in alphabetic order in the ".pdsettings".




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