[PD] How to talk to the Raspberry 4 GPIO and a multiple object question ?

Alexandros adrcki at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 15:06:00 CEST 2021

Martin Peach had created two really nice objects, [pii2c] and [pispi] 
for communicating with Pi's I2C and SPI interface through its GPIOs. If 
you only want to light up an LED, it's perhaps easier to write a Python 
script that does that and call it with [ggee/shell].

On 21/9/21 6:53 μ.μ., Ingo wrote:
> Now that I got most of my software running on the Pi - with much more 
> performance than I expected - I need to be able talk to the GPIO of 
> the RPi 4.
> First of all a big thanks again for everybodys help me with the 
> libraries ! ! !
> I know there had been some changes a while ago with the RPi GPIO when 
> some way to interfacing with Pd dumped.
> I'm not sure what it was anymore - so, how can I connect from Pd atm?
> All I need to be able to do for now is turning on a few LEDs.
> Does [comport] recognize the GPIO of the RPi 4?
> BTW, the libraries are mostly working but I happen to have some 
> trouble with [speedlim] being in 3 different libraries.
> It's in Cyclone (which I had been using before and is working fine) 
> and also in maxlib and iemlib.
> The latter gives me sometimes trouble but I don't know how I can get 
> rid of single objects in "iemlib".
> (Sometimes it outputs a float instead of a list. I have already [t 
> list] in front of it.)
> Is it possible or will I have to prepend "cyclone" every time?
> Or is there another way to make sure that the cyclone object will be 
> used first instead of the iemlib object?
> The libraries are currently loaded in alphabetic order in the 
> ".pdsettings".
> Thanks
> Ingo
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