[PD] Can't launch DeepLearningWithAudio patches

Yann Seznec yann at yannseznec.com
Fri Oct 1 10:19:13 CEST 2021

Hello hello,

I’ve posted this issue on GitHub but I’m wondering if anyone on this list has run into this before me: 
https://github.com/SopiMlab/DeepLearningWithAudio/issues/8 <https://github.com/SopiMlab/DeepLearningWithAudio/issues/8>

I’m trying to get started on the Deep Learning With Audio resources, and I’m reasonably certain I’ve managed to set up Python, Conda, Magenta, and PyExt correctly. However none of the Pd patches will launch. A few more details at the link above, but to be honest I’m finding it hard to track down any more clues as I’m not seeing any error messages anywhere and there are no crash logs or anything that I can see.

I’m on a MacBook Pro M1, macOS 11.6, Pd 0.51.4. 

Any tips appreciated,

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