[PD] list of Pd forks?

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Em qua., 6 de out. de 2021 às 12:41, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>

> > Anyway, other than that and generally speaking, Pd Extended was
> > kinda of a "minor" fork. Another similar example of such a "minor fork"
> is
> > Pd Ceammc. It has similar characteristics like offering a different UI
> and
> > providing pre installed libraries and objects (most of which can be
> loaded
> > in Vanilla).
> afaict, the same is true of PurrData, which i would consider the most
> prominent/important fork of Pd (that is still very close to the original
> software) these days.

Yes, it is the most prominent/important fork these days, but I don't
consider it as providing "minor changes", they seem pretty drastic to me
and result in a number of incompatibilities. It's like "a true fork" I
guess, though yeah, it's not like it isn't "close". But we're now just
being quite subjective, there's no concrete/absolute measure here so it's a
matter of opinion. It's also a matter of perspective though, and when you
compare to Extended and Pd Ceammc, they're on a much more independent route
and codebase.

> > For those that have a good recollection or ever used it, please tell me a
> > bit more about "Desire Data", although I think I can reach Mathieu for
> that.
> what do you want to hear? (although my recollection probably *is* rusty
> on that)

Nothing too detailed, just what it offered. I remember it had many UI
improvements, which seems to be a golden rule for any Pd fork :) and that
maybe it did include gridflow pre installed? So, yeah, another golden
standard: pre installed externals. Finally, if it was for linux only. That
should do it, but anything else is welcome.

> > heard that MSP objects were first based on Pd signal objects, but that's
> to my knowledge, MSP (not just the objects, the entire engine!) was
> indeed "based on Pd", if not "Pd itself".
> but others surely know better.

Ok, I'm now convinced MSP was a fork of Pd ;) nice catch folks!

> it's definitely not "stealing". it's very hard to "steal" something that
> is free for *all* to take.

miller could have chosen to license Pd under the GPL, which would have
> prevented its use in a closed source project. but Pd is not GPL.
> instead it is released under the 3-clause BSD license, which is one of
> the licenses that allow for use in a closed source, proprietary project.

yeah, I was being ironic and I know I shouldn't say that, it's not correct.
Though I also say I do that, ironically. For instance, I say some objects
from ELSE are "stolen" from cyclone, which also has a BSD license. But
then, I've also worked a lot on fixing and taking care of those objects, so
I'm also "stealing" from myself. And, well, cyclone also "steals" from MAX,
but that process is actually reverse engineering and not stealing :) maybe
we're stealing ideas? Well, I've stolen a lot of ideas from SuperCollider
into ELSE as well...

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