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Iain Duncan iainduncanlists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 21:23:19 CEST 2021

Something that I think would help a lot would be if we could tag links
somehow (not just on the page, but from their menu) with an indication of
how old they are. Like maybe change the template so that it shows how old
each page is, blog style, before you navigate to it.

I also think some way of archiving pages would help, so that when one goes
to a section, it's easy to tell what's current. For example, I went here
today https://puredata.info/docs/developer,  and honestly, it  I felt like
it was going to take longer to sort out what is up to date than it would to
just find the information elsewhere. :-/

I am literally dealing with this exact thing at my money work, so it's not
like it's a phenomenon reserved for open source. Systems where anyone can
write and contribute without any kind of central oversight really have a
way of becoming a quagmire of outdated or miscategorized content because
it's easy to write more, but folks are reluctant (understandably) to prune
other people's content. Not sure what the answer is, but it  seems like
that's the case to me.

my two cents canadian!

On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 10:15 AM Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>

> Em dom., 10 de out. de 2021 às 13:36, Iain Duncan <
> iainduncanlists at gmail.com> escreveu:
>> Hi folks, wondering if we can talk about pure-data.info.
> yes we can
>> It's a real mess of brutally outdated pages mixed in with really helpful
>> pages.
> yeah, totally
>> What is the policy for become an editor?
> anyone can jump in and edit, for the good or bad :) just get an account
> and log in <https://puredata.info/join_form>
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