[PD] Pd in cross-platform frameworks

Antoine Rousseau antoine at metalu.net
Mon Oct 11 09:44:14 CEST 2021

Yeah, sorry if I didn't understand your question correctly!

I, for one, use openFrameworks (OF).
I developed a set of Pd externals built upon OF, which is called Pof, see:
It allows you to build a complex GUI written in Pd patches.
An application can be written in POF using a desktop computer, then ported
to iOS/Android thanks to OF and ofxPd cross-platform ability.

Unfortunately I wouldn't say it's an easy way (building for Android is
especially tricky...).
But I consider it one of the most powerful methods to build an app with Pd

Ofelia (https://github.com/cuinjune/Ofelia) is also built upon OF. I'm not
using it, so I cannot say anything more about it.


Le dim. 10 oct. 2021 à 12:32, Jakob <jakkesprinter at web.de> a écrit :

> Thanks!
> I havent looked for a framework yet, i thought that i might find a hint
> for one by asking the list for what i want to do;-)
> Best Jakob
> Am 08.10.2021 um 17:33 schrieb Antoine Rousseau <antoine at metalu.net>:
> libpd... https://github.com/libpd/libpd
> what is your cross-platform framework? maybe there's already a module that
> integrates libpd into it?
> Antoine
> Le ven. 8 oct. 2021 à 14:25, Jakob <jakkesprinter at web.de> a écrit :
>> Dear list,
>> Has anyone of you heard/seen of a possibilty to integrate a pd patch into
>> a cross-platform framework ? My goal is to have an app for android and ios
>> with the (more or less) same gui. The sound engine, however, should be an
>> existing pd patch. The gui-code from the cross-platform framework needs to
>> communicate with the patch.
>> Thanks and best regards,
>> Jakob
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