[PD] [PD-announce] Cyclone 0.6-0 is out!

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 05:35:09 CET 2021

Cyclone 0.6-0 is out! It needs at least Pd 0.52 (still at a test release, I
know), but you'll be just fine if you're still in Pd 0.51 Get it from here
or via deken.


- [cyclone] (binary/lib) fixed checking minimum Pd version
- [buffer~] added support to .caf files (thanks to updates in soundfiler
for Pd 0.52-0)
- [comment] thanks to updates in Pd 0.52-0 we can now fully support
natively italic variants of DejaVu Sans Mono
- [record~]: fix arg loading (allowing $1)
- [play~]: fix arg loading (allowing $1)
- [wave~]: fix arg loading (allowing $1)
- [mtr]: fix recording bangs, anythings and lists that start with a symbol
(this object hasn't been updated to MAX 7 and we just realized that - it's
the only one in cyclone that got no updates at all, hopefully we'll get to
- [seq]:
  - Partially updated to MAX 7 (finally) added new 'clear'/addeventdelay
messages from MAX 7, but we haven't added the float argument to 'write'
message so it forces saving files with separate tracks.
  - Fixed 'tick' message where the first message after 'start -1' wouldn't
  - 'read' message now warns when file is not found, same for file
  - The "end of track" byte is now found and respected.
  - Opening files while reading an old one now restart from the beginning.
  - The 'print' message was fixed to show absolute time values like in MAX.
  - Extra feature of the display/editor window via clicking was restored
back (it had been removed n the cyclone 0.3 experimental phase)
  - Times in the edit window are now displayed in absolute as it's the
standard for 'print' in MAX and the text file (therefore it was considered
a bug).
  - Improved the  edit window behaviour, now clicking on the object raises
and focuses on the window if it's already opened. The contents are also
updated on the opened window when changed.
  - Improved documentation significantly, added examples for all messages
and we also explain now how to save and load text files and its format.
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