[PD] simple dynamic instancing and connection of abstractions

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[spigot] in abstraction control inlet which also takes control float to [switch~]?

In general, I try to only send controls to things which are on, yes, but I have not had major issues when that still happens. This probably depends more on what the abstractions are doing and, in the case of readsf~ and spatialization algorithms, switch~ has a much greater impact.

Don't overly optimize at the beginning. :)

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> okay, pursuant to this idea, i'm starting into working on this design
> overhaul and i'm considering routing the non-audio signals to all of the
> instruments in a slot at once. since there will only ever be audio coming
> from one instrument in a slot, there certainly won't be audio conflicts,
> but i am a bit concerned at data going everywhere and if that creates a
> significant amount of overhead load for PD.
> so, if i use switch~ to turn off an inactive instrument's audio output,
> does the control data matter if it ends up in a 'dead letter office' so to
> speak? or is it better to route control signals away from inactive
> instruments as well? for this example assume the MIDI note triggering only
> routes to the active instrument as well, so no audio is even triggered.
> scott

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