[PD] finding differences between almost identical patches

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Sun Feb 20 13:03:30 CET 2022

hi list,

is there a smart way to find the difference between 2 versions of a

sometimes i have 2 versions of a (complicated) patch
and i don't remember what's the (maybe small) difference between them.

the methods i'm using at the moment are:

comparing the behaviour.
however, when the patch has lots of possibilities this can be seriously
also, when the behaviour is different it's not always clear where to
look for the cause of it.

comparing the involved .pd files as text.
for that, i'm using the app Kdiff3 which can do complete dir's in one
it's a good tool, effective in some cases.

visual inspection.
going through all subpatches looking for possible changes.
especially cumbersome when i have no clue where to look specifically.

consulting my change-log.
hoping to find a hint.

i guess in the Pd-community there exist more methods/tools to tackle
this search for differences.
hearing about it would be appreciated.

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