[PD] [key], [keyup] and operating system key reapat

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Hah, to be clear: I only do that when it's absolutely necessary. Thankfully the Tk community has been updating things on macOS at a munch greater rate the last few years now, so we are running into fewer problems at the Tk level. Also, people like Seb have thankfully been assisting and we have the patching mechanism in place for if/when we have to apply custom patches to Tk, at least for the macOS build process.

I am actually thankful we can also have this conversation... it wasn't so long ago that key handling was *broken* on macOS! In my opinion, I defer to the system and Tk for this. In fact, the only reason Pd actually respects the system setting is that we, the Pd community, added it to Tk! We made a patch which includes it a couple years ago, and I believe the Tk devs used it. The suggestion for it came from someone *here*, so maybe we have ourselves to blame for divergent behavior.? ;)

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> PS: i'm happy to fix bugs in the Pd sources; but unlike Dan, I am *ont* 
> willing to patch the Tcl/Tk engine for Pd's sake. i guess this saves me 
> from a few nightmares

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