[PD] Call-for-Help: tips of the day

Christof Ressi info at christofressi.com
Wed Jun 8 12:11:22 CEST 2022

> (like my trusted MS VisualStudio 6) 
Or good old "Clippy" in MS Office :-)

Joking aside, this is really great! I'll certainly contribute.

However, how do people find out about the GUI plugin in the first place? 
I think eventually this has to be shipped with Pd and enabled by 
default, with a simple option to disable it ("Don't show this again").


On 08.06.2022 11:42, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> TL;DR if you know any quick tips for using Pd, submit them at
> https://github.com/pd-externals/tipoftheday-plugin/issues/new/choose
> long version:
> as you all know, Pd comes with a built-in documentation, that 
> illustrates how to use various objects and stuff (and alex has done a 
> fantastic job in revising these patches in the last months).
> for a deeper understanding of Pd, there's the HTML manual (which looks 
> nice, after lucarda added some CSS).
> however, i think that there are a couple of things that need 
> documentation which cannot really be covered by either help patches 
> nor manuals.
> e.g. "intelligent patching" (where i've spent a bit of time to get it 
> working) or other workflow tricks do not fit well in either category:
> if they are explained in some help-patches then only people who 
> actively walk through those patches will ever see them (and i believe 
> most people just open the help-patch of a given object they are 
> interested; but what would you open for a non-object that you don't 
> even know about).
> similarly, i have a feeling that the manual is not the best place for 
> this either (first, the manual deals with the "larger picture" rather 
> than interface tricks; second, the manual is more of an off-line 
> resource (that you may read when not sitting in front of a running 
> instance of Pd).
> just recently i mentioned the "triggerize" functionality to someone, 
> and they never ever heard of it!
> to fix this, i've created a small GUI-plugin to display a "tip of the 
> day" whenever Pd is started.
> i think this (Pd's startup phase) is the right time to learn something 
> new (in tiny bits) - after all, other applications (like my trusted MS 
> VisualStudio 6) did the same).
> the tips are super-simple: just a short text, with an optional URL for 
> more information and support for displaying (animated) GIFs (patching 
> is oft explained better by showing).
> the GUI-plugin is available on
>   https://github.com/pd-externals/tipoftheday-plugin/
> but there's no release (and thus no deken package) yet.
> There's also an experimental webinterface where you can browse the 
> existing tips at <https://pd.iem.sh/tipoftheday-plugin/>
> so far so good.
> The only drawback right now is, that there are only a very few tips 
> available yet (a total of *4*, mainly for testing).
> so before this is going to be released to the public, I'd like to 
> collect a few (hundred) more tips
> this is where you come into play:
> if you know any quick tips, patching tricks or hacks, please submit 
> them in the issue-tracker at 
> <https://github.com/pd-externals/tipoftheday-plugin/issues/new/choose>
> (the "Tip of the Day" issue-type will give you a form that you should 
> fill in; this should keep the entry barrier to creating new tips low).
> thanks for helping out.
> gmasdr
> IOhannes
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