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Howdy Johnny,

Easiest is really to plug each device and build/run one at a time. If you only need to do this once before a show, it's not too big of a deal as long as it's well-tested beforehand. The app will be time-limited to how long the developer profile is good for, usually 6 moths to a year, so keep that in mind before the apps suddenly stop working within a working theater or installation environment. :P

Note: It used to be that you had to have a developer account to actually run on the device (100 USD per year), but they might have relaxed that. I would plan for factoring in the cost of a license if you are billing for the project.

The other option is to deploy using TestFlight. You need a developer account, then create a entry for the app in AppStore Connect, submit a build to the app store from Xcode, wait for the build to be processed, then create a new TestFlight build. Then you can invite testers via a link or through their AppleID emails. They need to install the free TestFlight app, but they will then be notified of any new test versions and can install via TestFlight. This does *not* require releasing the app publicly, *but* it is similarly time-limited.

Another option is to go the enterprise route where you have your own provisioning server etc but I have never tried that as it's more of an IT-department kind of thing and requires more work to figure out. I believe Apple has shifted a lot of things in this area to TestFlight now.

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> Dearest community,
> This will not be Pd related so sorry for x-posting. But I am novice in this next questions and trust you the most..
> I am developing an Unity app which is supposed to show 3D-360? recordings within a Theater Performance and on my android phone tests are working fine. Now I came across the question how to deploy this app to iPhone users, and am reading that it needs to be published on the App Store. I think this would kill my efforts for iPhone, since the criteria to publish in the App Store can probably not be met.
> Is there any workaround to deploy apps to iOS devices without building for each device seperatly? 
> Anything to trick this stupid safety process?
> Greatfull for any experiences and ideas,
> Jonas

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