[PD] once again a timbreID question

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Sun Oct 2 22:35:58 CEST 2022

* Simon Iten <itensimon at gmail.com> [2022-10-02 22:22]:
> hi william and list,
> for a museum-art-installation i will do a kind of audio "social-network"
> basically a visitor can record a 5 second snippet via microphone or bluetooth and PD saves this snippet as a sample.
> out of this ever growing sample-space 8 readsf~ objects  will randomly play these samples in various densities to 8 speakers.
> so far so easy. (i have implemented that part already)
> to get a more social network kind of atmosphere it would be great if newly recorded snippets would increase the likelihood of similar material on the outputs (as in twitter/facebook/instragram blabla, where you find yourself in your bubble)
> i still don’t really get howto work with [timbreID] to accomplish this.
> maybe someone on the list has an example of this?
> the process would be:
> -a new sample is recorded (always 5 seconds) -> some [timbreID] analysis happens to create a feature-list -> samples with a similar feature-list should be played back next (a list of files that are similar would be great)
Well, each snippet's feature vector would be added as a new database
entry to the leftmost inlet of [timbreID], no? The you'd ask for the
nearest entry at its second inlet.
> the number of samples can easily grow to thousand of files, since the installation will run for quite some time. each sample is only 441kb though (mono 5 seconds file, according to OSX)
> the examples of timbreID i look at either look at a fixed soundfile and slice it to extract features over time, or slice incoming audio based on onset detection for example.
> i would just want a feature-list created for each new 5 second clip i record. 
Yes, your example is not so different from what you see in the
help-patches of that great library.

Have you checked out William's examples, which I can't locate in
original on his web page (seems down) but which have been mirrored here?

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