[PD] PD 0.52 bug ? ... [bang~ driven playback]

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed Oct 5 21:36:19 CEST 2022

Peter P. wrote:
> Oliver,
> can't really comment on your error, but am wondering why you might want
> to trigger each dsp block separately, especially opening the file from
> hard disk for each dsp block over and over again?

i'm using this method quite often for sync purposes (video-synching 
mostly, but also sending synch messages with udp etc.), since readsf~ 
doesn't output it's playback position.

it's also nice, to scratch around in the the audio file without having 
to load it into RAM.

As i said before,this method (as strange as it may seem) used to work 
without any problem on basically any system i used (even on RPIs and old 
slow netbooks) up until PD 0.52.



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