[PD] [hidraw] pre Deken release. was:(Reading/writing a HID device current best practice?)

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> Thanks Hans!
> I thank all the M1 testers.
> Seems I'll wait for Dan's makefile for the notarizing stuff. Or later 
> try to update if possible my Xcode VM (as in iem-ci.yml) to be able to : 
> "try to switch to the latest and greatest XCode, so we get 'altool'" and 
> stuff.

Actually using altool is deprecated and you get a warning that the uploads will fail after a certain date. Xcode 13+ uses notarytool and will be the only way to submit for notarization in the (near) future. You will need a VM running macOS 11.3 at a minimum to install Xcode 13.

So far I have both methods implemented but just need to clean everything up before I am confident with sharing. This weekend, hopefully.\, as I have other stuff waiting.

> M1 users please note that is not that simple (for me or you) to (build 
> and) share arm64 binaries.

OTOH it's still fine for users to build simpler binaries themselves. No warnings when used on the same build system.

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