[PD] Alternative for array to show curves?

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Sun Oct 9 10:16:40 CEST 2022

Hello everyone!

I'm having trouble on the Raspberry Pi 4  with showing arrays reliably with
Pd 0.51 and Raspbian OS.


I must say that the patch is a graphical synth editor with over 500
parameters. So it's quite large which could be part of the problem.

It takes 5-8 seconds on the Pi to open it.

I tried setting the Pi's graphics memory from the default of 64 MB to 256 MB
but this did not change anything, though!


When opening the editor patch all graphics - like number boxes, etc. - might
or might not work for the first time.

When reopening it one or several times most standard graphical objects like
number boxes, faders, radio buttons etc. stop to updates their graphics.

So do the arrays!

After they are disabled once they are guaranteed to not work anymore until I


I have already spent countless hours in replacing number boxes and faders
with using canvases on top of the number boxes and faders.

Instead of radio buttons I use dropdown menus.


The number boxes and faders do actally work and send values but do not
update their graphics.

So I'm sending their output to a canvas on top of the number box for
displaying their values now - which actually looks better!

All graphics are working now like this on the Raspberry Pi - with the
exception of the still missing arrays that I need for showing MIDI CC


Let me add that I had never any issues like that on Intel or AMD processors
over the last 10 years.

It only happens on the Paspberry Pi.

The same software always runs flawlessly on these other systems updating all
graphics normally as they should.



What I'm looking for now as my last problem solver is an external that will
be able to show simple curves.

Is there anything that is not based on TCL/TK?

(I'm suspecting TCL/TK to treat all of these objects like being unvisable in
the background and disabling their graphics - but I'm not sure.)


Or would there possibly be a way to send curves instead of just text to a


Alternatively a way to reenable the graphical update would work as well.


Data structures might be an option. Can someone point me to tutorials for
data structers?


I know that I still have the option to make a namber of gifs that could be
recalled with [image] but that's my last resort for now.




Thanks for any suggestion!





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