[PD] [hidraw] pre Deken release. was:(Reading/writing a HID device current best practice?)

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Looks like we could “Ask Apple”…


I would like to know how an open source project which relies on freely-shared plugins is supposed to exist on a platform that is making it harder on accessibility.

I have had a developer account for many years but that doesn’t mean I like jumping through these hoops after spending too long figuring them out. It would be nicer if you, as a user, could simply tell the system: “Pd can load whatever dynamic libs.”

It’s the same situation for other environments such as Max.

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Dan Wilcox

> On Oct 11, 2022, at 8:01 PM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
> You already have you answer: no code signing or notarization means users get the security popup when the dylibs are loaded but they just have to select open as far as I know. Gatekeeper asks them once, then the system remembers the selection. I believe it may also require changing a privacy setting in System Preferences to allow it.
> I already added the "Disable library validation" entitlement back for the first Pd release for 10.15 which introduced the stronger security settings.
> Also, I think calling them "thieves" is misleading. If you don't want to use the platform or the services which are provided with the developer account, don't. No one is forcing you. Please don't contribute to FUD.
> You could simply provide the code and perhaps the make files to automate the process, then convince an institution to pay for the developer account license. I included this as one of my expenses for my last funded iOS project... :)
>> On Oct 11, 2022, at 7:12 PM, Lucas Cordiviola <lucarda27 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> @ Dan
>> Thanks for sharing this. I'll be digging about  ` you need an Apple Developer account (and Apple ID to sign up for one)`. If there's no workaround about the us$100 i'll be giving up notarizing builds. Do you know of a way to not send money to the thieves (if i'm not mistaken) ?
>> or to put it in another way:
>> if I don't codesign/notarize the builds: is just that users have an "open anyway" dialog? or is it a total "show stopper" that quits Pd?
>> Which way should I go without the $100 ?
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