[PD] libpd 0.13.0 & ofxPD 1.9.0

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Tue Nov 8 01:25:43 CET 2022

Hi there,

On 05.11.22 02:38, Dan Wilcox wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I am happy to announce the release of new versions of libpd and ofxPd to 
> coincide with Pd 0.53-0.
> The biggest changes finally take the multiple instance support out of 
> experimental status as now all messaging infrastructure is truly 
> separate. The C++ and C# wrappers have been updated to natively support 
> this. Also, audio handling has been greatly improved on iOS, including 
> proper sample rate conversion and buffer handling between device and libpd.
> libpd 0.13.0 (pd 0.53-0)
> Pure Data embeddable audio synthesis library
> https://github.com/libpd/libpd <https://github.com/libpd/libpd>
> changelog: https://github.com/libpd/libpd/blob/master/CHANGES.txt 
> <https://github.com/libpd/libpd/blob/master/CHANGES.txt>

The C# wrapper has been updated at NuGet:

Happy hacking,
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