[PD] shutdown osx via PD

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sat Nov 12 15:30:54 CET 2022

Simon Iten wrote:
> is there a way to shutdown OSX (without any prompts), from within PD? i 
> tried a naive "sudo shutdown -h now" sent to a shell object but did not 
> get any reaction. (other simple commands like ls worked though)

you need to provide the full path of the command "shutdown" (i think 
it's either /sbin/shutdown or /usr/sbin/shutdown) when you send it to 
the [shell] object.

plus (IIRC) you would have to permit superuser privileges in order to 
use it as a normal user (=without root password). i don't know the exact 
procedure anymore but you will find the information on the net.

also consider using the newer [command] external instead of [shell]



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