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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 15:12:40 CET 2022

Em dom., 20 de nov. de 2022 às 10:30, bbob <fluxmonk at gmail.com> escreveu:

> If it’s a matter of group consensus

It should be, of course if there's a consensus against it, we can revise it
and, of course, discuss it. Problem is how to achieve such a poll.

> I would add a vote against the colored backgrounds.  As a professor, it is
> not helpful when teaching - I’ll introduce that topic when appropriate.

Please introduce it ASAP :) I wanna get your point.

> And a primary stated purpose of the help files is to allow easy copy/paste
> code examples, so they should focus only on the object of help file, not
> any additional GUI design enhancements.

You, I really don't get your point. It kinda makes sense to me if you're
reffering to lots of "crazy" or "all over the place" so called *GUI design

If/when you properly introduce your point, I would like a more detailed
explanation of this. Because, as it is, I don't see how any help file is
making it hard or harder to copy examples from it. I would really hope to
get a particular example, if possible. Otherwise, it's really vague.

You see, what we really have so far, in terms of design enhancements it's
the *occasional* use of something like a bang or a toggle here and there.
Many help files haven't really changed! Before this change, you had message
boxes with "bang" or "1"/"0". Did the inclusion of such iemguis made it
harder for someone to copy/paste from some of the help files? How so?
Moreover, does it make a difference (in terms of making it easier or
harder) if someone copies an example with background color "A" or "B"?


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