[PD] some gui objects with grey background in help patches?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 20:51:13 CET 2022

Em dom., 20 de nov. de 2022 às 14:42, Peter P. <peterparker at fastmail.com>

> I can only speak for myself of course, building upon the experience of
> having taught more than several hundred Pd beginners in university
> courses.

Noted. I also do have teaching experience by the way. My efforts in working
with the documentation is basically motivated by my teaching experience and
dealing with newcomers as well.

> Darn, I had hoped to raise some awareness for less distraction in help
> patches by kind of refraining from using colors except for the help
> patches that demonstrate how to set and use colors.

Ok, I can follow and agree to the idea that some things might be more of a
distraction than anything helpful. On the other hand, I am sincerely sorry
but I cannot honestly see this particular thing as a real distraction. It's
just my opinion though, and I don't mean it to supersede the opinion of

And sorry for standing my ground here, but this took time and effort and
would take more to revert it back, so I would really like to follow through
before doing anything. Please take that into consideration as well as
there's this underlining implication. I'm not saying this cannot be
reversed because it takes time, but understand that it's not effortless so
I think there should be a strong case against it. Hence, please be clear
how you feel about this, if it's just something one "shouldn't complain" or
if it's something we have to better consider.

> Thank you for the discussion,
> Peter

Thank you
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