[PD] some gui objects with grey background in help patches?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 05:06:27 CET 2022

Em seg., 21 de nov. de 2022 às 22:43, Peter P. <peterparker at fastmail.com>

> I am having a hard time reading your last mail to this list because the
> formatting (or lack thereof) makes it hard to decypher

weird, dunno what happened, looks good here in my mailbox, see printed
PDF attachment.

> Please let's keep this discussion short and not annoying. I just want to
> suggest to get rid of colors of gui objects again in order to keep the
> cognitive
> load to a minimum when trying to get the actual nformation from the help
> patches.

> Thank you for considering my case,
> P

I'm sorry to say I'm not taking your suggestion. The reasoning is in my
last message. In short and mainly, I didn't get convinced with
the information you provided to back up how this is bad, I also got annoyed
that much of what I said seemed to have been ignored and most people seem
happy with it. Bottom line is I'm not doing it myself, but anyone can
propose and do it as I'm not actually the boss :)

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