[PD] OsX : pd 53.0 or pd 52.2 now :)

Jean-Marie Adrien jm.adrien.mnt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 17:19:28 CET 2022

Hello list
I have an important production in January, and have to do it on OsX Monterey M1.

The thing is that I have to upgrade old complicated  historical things in 32 bits (yes !) finally to 64 bits at this occasion and, 
I began last month to have a feel about this task,   by running pd 52.2 with rosetta on Monterey a couple of hours, and it seemed feasible.

Went back to this job today, and pd disappeared from the apple mini Mac (because of automartic upgrade of Monterey !) and all what has to be found on the net now, thanks to everyone and particularly Miller, is the brand new pd 53.0 :

Basic questions concerning this new version

1- no need of rosetta (on Monterey M1) I guess ?
2 - are most common libraries (gem) available in this format or is it better to find somewhere a pd 52.2 and go with rosetta and old 64 bits libraries until everything is « available » 

Thanks to all :)

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