[PD] http get/post request in pd. how to?

Albert Rafetseder albert.rafetseder at univie.ac.at
Sat Nov 26 11:47:26 CET 2022

Hello Tobias,

>> Thank you… but I really can not find out  how to open/install .dek 
>> files with deken in pd 0.53…
>> How can I do that?

Exactly as IOhannes describes it:

> 1. Open the deken dialog

(I.e.: in the "Help" menu, click "Find externals")

> 2. Open the File->Install DEK file... menu
> 3. Select a .dek file
> 4. Click on "Open"
> Or similar, I'm currently afk.

Just in case, this is how it works in Pure Data 0.52.1:

1. In the "Help" menu, click "Find externals"
2. The "Find externals" window opens. Click the "More..." button in the 
bottom-right corner
3. A menu opens. Click the "Install DEK file..." button
4. A file browser opens. Choose your DEK file here.

Best regards,

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