[PD] Distributing externals in notarized DMGs, was: http get/post request in pd. how to?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 12:51:33 CET 2022

@Thomas: If you are interested, I have a helper makefile for signing & notarizing projects on macOS for distribution: https://github.com/zkmkarlsruhe/mac-dist-helper <https://github.com/zkmkarlsruhe/mac-dist-helper>

There is an example pd external in a separate repo: https://github.com/zkmkarlsruhe/mac-dist-helper-examples <https://github.com/zkmkarlsruhe/mac-dist-helper-examples>

If the project is distributed as a notarized DMG, then there won't be any security popups when loading the external. The only downside is you need a developer account for the process.

I assume deken cannot currently extract DMGs but it might be good if we can offer that as an option, ie. zip the dmg into the .dek, then the dmg is unzipped, then mounted using the system's hdiutil.

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> thanks! Installation works. 
> Installed this package:
> 304_2022-11-20_purest_json[v2.0.0-alpha](Darwin-amd64-32)(Darwin-arm64-32).dek
> It?s quite some work to confirm all security warnings  (MacOS 12.5.1) ? hihi

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