[PD] Deken command line

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Nov 30 07:17:15 CET 2022

Am 30. November 2022 00:57:42 MEZ schrieb Patco <colet.patrice at gmail.com>:
>I’ve just realized that files were downloaded and installed into /Users/patricecolet/Library/Pd/
>This path is hardly accessible with finder that’s why I didn’t figure it out, I should have used —install-path.

as documented

>I’ve also went into problems by trying to use the deken binary from git repository.

The binaries are actually tested, but only on a Mac/Intel.
Weird that it fails on m1 (at least if Rosetta is available)

>Deken works good on m1 when it’s installed with docker.

So you can use the Linux/AMD64 docker images on M1? This is even more mysterious...


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