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Howdy all,

I have a new test build for the upcoming PdParty 1.3.0, beta6 and I feel ready to release to the app store soon. Fully 2 years late, but better late than never... ;)

I have all of the todos done at this point, so I mainly need testing on different devices and iOS versions. Also, support for the Apple Pencil and force touch was added but I don't have a device which really supports either, so I'd appreciate people trying out the updated Touch and new Stylus PdParty test scenes. If you have PdParty installed already, you will need to recopy the test scenes using the button at the bottom of the Settings view.

What is PdParty? Run your Pure Data patches on iOS with native GUIs emulated. Inspired by Chris McCormick's Android PdDroidParty and the (now defunct) original RjDj app: http://danomatika.com/code/pdparty

If you want to join beta testing, install the free TestFlight app on your iDevice, then open this TestFlight link:


Detailed changes from the current release version can be found in the changelog:


A summary of changes from the last beta5 are:

* replace nav and split view controller rotation handling categories with
  subclasses, this appears to fix rotation on iOS 14+ (hopefully)
* fixed comment width value handling
* fixed vumeter led scaling
* fixed motion user accel sent using gravity values
* fixed microphone image double-tap not actually sending mic volume

* changed widget scaling mode to use aspect ratio, this should render smaller
  widgets instead of overlaps on oblique sizes, ex. 4:3 patch on 16:9

* key
  - fixed [key] & [keyup] using HID keycodes instead of character values
  - added [keyname] support for iOS 13.4+

* viewport
  - added support for droidparty named ViewPort canvas, set it's size and pos to
    render only a subsection of overall patch (requested by Antoine Rousseau)
  - added ViewPort pdparty test scene

* touch
  - added extended #touch with radius / force and #stylus events for ApplePencil
    and similar devices, enable by sending:  #pdparty touch extended 1
    (requested by korakios)
  - added support for sending #touch events everywhere aka over all widgets,
    enable by sending: #pdparty touch everywhere 1
  - #touch events now sent over canvas and comment objects
    (requested by delmenhorst)

* accelerometer orientation now matches device orientation except for rjdj
  scenes, reenable old behavior by sending: #pdparty accel orientation 1
* controls view now light/dark mode aware
* increased ribbon control width and ensure a minimum size
* updated various test scenes (reload by copy tests folder in Settings)
* updated user guide info on sharing and AirDrop usage

* removed dependence on [getdir] in OpenClose test

Dan Wilcox

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