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Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 05:57:21 CET 2023

Hi there. I'm collaborating a lot to PlugData for a while, which is a fork
of Pd that ships ELSE and this is motivating me to offer yet more externals
to ELSE that I first didn't want to. Now it's time that OSC objects were

I understand Vanilla has some limitations and I actually have a PR that
would expand/fix its functionality make it much more usable for managing
OSC messages, see https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/1623

While it doesn't happen, I am including new objects that will probably have
more functionalities than vanilla's and that will be based on mrpeach's
ones. So I am studying OSC specifications more thoroughly and trying to
figure it out.

It seems people mostly use OSC for simpler float/integer/string arguments
in a message. Certainly that's all I ever needed, so I don't know when you
have to do more advanced stuff. One doubt is when one would use message
bundles with timetags? It seems that if we can include this in Vanilla, we
wouldn't really miss anything else from mrpeach, it seems the most
interesting object in mrpeach is routeOSC and we would miss it in Vanilla,
as it has a whole different design so we can just use [route] instead.

Next doubt! As I see it, Vanilla's [oscformat] has a way to specify more
than one 'blob' message type into a single OSC message, and for what I saw
in the specifications, that is surely possible. Nonetheless, I don't think
you can do it in mrpeach's [packOSC], right? So kudos for Vanilla... now...
here's a good question. Is anyone here ever in need of sending/receiving
'blob' message types? When? How? And when would you need to send TWO
'blobs' in a single message? How would you split two blobs when receiving
it? As I see it, you can't do it with [unpackOSC].

Please enlighten me.

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