[PD] [PD-announce] Click Tracker - Version 2.4 is out!

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 18:00:33 CET 2023

Dear All,

Version 2.4 of the Click Tracker is out.

The main new features are the score display and interaction (not be 
available on mobile plattforms, for more details see the webpage) ...

... and also the external controller setup, with which you can use e.g. 
a pedal controller.

And also:
- added "voice" score command to mute the spoken bar number in specific bars
- fixed bug with audio export of subdivisions
- fixed bug with comments on same line as score commands
- fixed Max GUI zoom bug
- fixed GUI bug with buttons on linux
- updated example files to newest syntax

As in the previous version, you can use in any of the following ways:
- as an android app (https://bit.ly/click-tracker-mob or 
- as a closed desktop app in windows (http://bit.ly/ClickTracker2-4Win) 
or apple (http://bit.ly/ClickTracker2-4Apple)

Due to Apple's recent security settings, you'll need to allow the Pd and 
other externals to run on your system.
WARNING: M1 users will need to run the program with Rosetta.

- as the traditional Pure Data patch (https://bit.ly/ClickTracker2-4)
- as a Max/MSP patch in windows (http://bit.ly/ClickTracker2-4MaxWin) or 
apple (http://bit.ly/ClickTracker2-4MaxApple)

For more information, refer to the Click Tracker's website at 

You can also visit the Click Tracker on facebook - 
http://j.mp/clicktrackerfb, or check out the click track library in 

With best regards,

João Pais

Click Tracker Mobile -https://bit.ly/click-tracker-mob
Click Tracker Website -http://j.mp/click-tracker
Click Tracker Library -https://bit.ly/ClickTrackerLibrary
Facebook -http://j.mp/clicktrackerfb
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