[PD] [PD-announce] ELSE 1.0 rc6 with Live Electronics Tutorial is out! Lua support and Stay tuned for PlugData 0.6.3

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 19:43:02 CET 2023

ELSE 1.0 rc6 with Live Electronics Tutorial is out!

This is a quick update, coming quite sooner than I wanted from the last
release, which was also just released to end the year. The reason I updated
this one was to coordinate this release with an update of PlugData by
Timothy Schoen! Another excuse to release this is to celebrate the 6th
anniversary of ELSE development.

I guess most of you know but it doesn't hurt to stress it out. PlugData is
an awesome fork of Pd, still under a 'pre-release' phase (to end when a
proper 1.0 version is out). It has a fancy GUI and is completely compatible
to Pd-Vanilla. It ships with ELSE and Cyclone (so MAX users get an entry
door). What's also amazing is that PlugData runs as a plugin in any DAW!

There's been a great collaboration between me and PlugData people. This
means ELSE behaves as some sort of "*All batteries included*" for PlugData,
but not all of ELSE's GUI objects have been ported yet. For some time I've
been adding a few objects to ELSE from requests by Tim and PlugData users
and Tim has also added new objects to ELSE.

I recently got requests to include OSC support in ELSE, as well as support
for LUA, so I did it and this is supposed to be available in PlugData 0.6.3
coming out soon. For the first time, I am just including an existing third
party external (pdlua) into ELSE. I will try not to make any modifications
and keep the same name and compatibility. I will try... let's see... I am
using Albert Graef's repository as a basis and just included its new 0.11.1
release, see https://github.com/agraef/pd-lua/releases This kinda felt onto
my lap as Tim is really concerned with compatibility and doesn't want to
support anything other than ELSE and Cyclone.

For a detailed changelog of ELSE and the Live Electronics Tutorial, see

ELSE is already available in deken for the main architectures and you find
more options in the link above.

For the next update of ELSE I hope I take more time and include the things
I already wanted to for the last release.

An attempt at a PlugData 0.6.3 release was already made today but it isn't
really working well, I will reply and write back when it's really ok and
safe to download it, stay tuned. I think this thing is awesome and kind of
a game changer for the Pd world.

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