[PD] Old patch unable to run

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Tue Jan 17 09:40:19 CET 2023

Peter P. wrote:
> Dear BadMuthaHubbard, (one of my favourite email addresses on this list
> since long)
> a quick check in the SVN repository of old externals yielded
> 	miXed/doc/help/toxy/tot-help.pd
> which makes me assume there is a tot object in either a lib called
> [miXed] or [toxy], maybe courtesy of Krzsystof Czaya or Hans-Christoph
> Steiner. A quick startpage.com search brings up results which may
> indicate that [toxy] is by now unmaintained. Others may have better
> knowledge of its current situation.

it was the "TOXY" library ages ago, but yes,
it's not maintained anymore.

IIRC the [tot] object did something similar to "HCS" [folder_list], or 
now on newer PD versions the [file] object natively. i think it just did 
output the content of a given folder, but the usage was a little 
different from the latter objects ... (it's been a very long time since 
i last used it in a patch)



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