[PD] computer or patch problems

Hans Roels info at hansroels.be
Wed Jan 18 17:29:31 CET 2023


On Phil his laptop it works without problems (specifically when he 
raises his DSP latency a bit), so I think my patch is very CPU-intensive 
and my and your computer aren't fast enough...

I'll see if I can make my patch more efficient (but I'm not sure if I 
can still find significant solutions... I thought about this efficiency 
from the beginning on...)


On 1/18/23 16:03, Dario Pedrioli wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried your patch on my laptop... first and second notes I play have 
> a very nice sound!
> Starting from 3rd or 4th note also on my laptop I have very bad audio 
> crackles and I have to quit the patch before to going crazy :-)
> My laptop: i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz, 32 GB RAM,Windows 10 Pro
> Please keep us posted: in case you can fix it, I will use your synth 
> in my jams!
> Dario
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>     Hi Hans,
>     On an M1 Macbook, it sounds clean (and really good!).
>     Phil Stone
>     Davis, CA. USA
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>     Hi,
>     Could someone with a recent, fast computer check if my synth patch
>     still
>     has audio glitches? I'm not sure if my computer or the patch is the
>     problem... Download the files on www.hansroels.be/mim.html
>     <http://www.hansroels.be/mim.html> , open
>     main-mimba.pd and open preset 19. Try playing more than 4 notes
>     simultaneously. In these cases I hear a kind of death-rattle, a
>     combination of crackles and detuned tones (and the message 'audio I/O
>     error'). The patch is quite heavy (physical modelling with many delay
>     buffers in subpatches with blocksize 1). My laptop: intel i7 CPU @
>     2.60GHz, 16GB ram. Changing my buffer settings in jack didn't really
>     make a difference...
>     thanks in advance!
>     Hans
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