[PD] Pd Vanilla 0.53.1 is crashing under GNU/Linux

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Jan 27 21:40:13 CET 2023

On 1/27/23 19:12, Linux ROUEN Normandie wrote:
> All the 8 Externals used in my SMS Vanilla project are coming directly 
> from Pd / Deken (no download from the distros repositories) filtered for 
> the Linux-amd64-32 platform.
> So, I believe it's make not sense I send you the Externals binaries as 

honestly, in order to reproduce your problem i would like to have the 
binaries that you have installed on your computer.
it shouldn't be super-complicated to get them, and it ensures that i 
have the very same binaries as youare using, without second guessing 
what you clicked when.

also, thanks for your screenshots of the preferences.
unfortunately i'm have a hard time with quickly re-playing the content 
of images, so: would it be possible to also send your ~/.pdsettings?
(i should hvae mentioned that file in my previous post; sorry).

> they are downloadable directly from Deken in their latest versions.
> Regarding Pdogg, the versions difference is coming from what is 
> displayed when you download it (0.0 extended) and what is mentioned 
> inside its Readme.txt file (0.25).
> Please see attached image summarizing above.
> Note: As I wrote it in the Issue I opened yesterday on your Zexy Git 
> site, I had a blocking conflict under Windows 10 for the [else/sfont~] 

that's really unrelated.

another suggestion:
does your patch crash if you disable the [cyclone/midiformat] object?
there are two instances of the object; i'm mainly interested in the 
second/right-most one (position: 1525 654).
simply replacing "cyclone/midiformat" with "#cyclone/midiformat" should 
suffice for the check.

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