[PD] Problem with this (involved) abstraction for XY

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Not to toll (really!), but I can always suggest an old/used iPad with TouchOSC to send to your machine. You can then make your own Lemur-esque layouts with good multi-touch. The only requirement would be an Apple ID to be able to have TouchOSC and I can understand if people do not want to join the Apple-verse, even for this specific case. However I can *always* recommend the hardware.

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> the multitouch xy object
> https://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list//2018-10/123713.html
> this plus the rust app microwave which uses bevy game engine
> is the only thing ive seen that actually works with multitouch laptop
> screen on linux , its lije even the apps like surge that have touchscreen
> mode, the virtual keyboard only treats touches like a single mouse pointer
> thus only monophonic input.
> i guess thats a bit off subject, can start a new thread to rant about lack
> of multitouch input on linux , you would think there were tons of programs
> for playing polyphonic music and twidlin more than one control at a time in
> this day and age

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