[PD] linux multitouch was, Problem with this (involved) abstraction for XY

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 18:05:46 CEST 2023

yeah, I use androids with mobmuplat  multitouch  grid for note input, its
not as fancybas a lumatone but with a 10" screen , 53x5 grid is playable
for 53 tone per octave scales 15 22, 31, even 36 on aller screens, u can
blaze  through 15 tone scales on 6" android screen, anyways, i'm gonna have
to look throughbthat source and tbe bevy source that microwave uses and
probably write my own interface if someone doesn't beat
 to it.
thanks for the link.
i hate installing wine and i found out carla has this winebridge thing you
can use windows vst3s and noticed wilsonic has a new isomorphic keyboard
for Erv Wilson Moments of Symmetry scales so you have to install wine for
the wine bridges to work , so i install wine and wilsonic and the gui
doesnt work , lol. possibly can get it working customizing the winetricks
winecfg, etc... i waste so much time going through my archives of old
windows audio softeare contemplating whther to install cool edot pro, sonic
fpundty acid, reason, etc.. and try to bring up old projects this time i
installed rubber ducky from 98  one lf tbe first 303 emulators , geez back
on subject , i guess ill search a bit more for multitouch keyboard linux
and maybe wine , then get back at it, probably ought to just make a patch
with that multitouch xy grid and play on.
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