[PD] last call for test : else rc11 for mac universal, linux, windows

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 03:44:03 CET 2024

Hi, I got muy release ready and a last test download for else rc11 in deken
("1.0-0_rc11-pre-test5") . Hopefully I get help soon to also provide
raspberry pi binaries as well.

For now, I mostly need people to test in apple silicon macs. There are 4
crucial objects that need testing, [sfont~]. [circuit~], [sfont~] and
[sfz~]. The [sfont~] object had issues last time but I'm just copying the
same binary, so hopefully it's alright. You can try these objects
separately or open the "All_objects.pd" file in the 'else' folder, which
will take longer to load but proof test all objects.

It seems I already have a flaw, [plaits~] doesn't seem to work on apple

As soon as I have it all ready, I'll upload the real deal and make a proper
announcement with details on what's new


Em sex., 12 de jan. de 2024 às 19:27, Alexandre Torres Porres <
porres at gmail.com> escreveu:

> Hi Apple Silicon people, can you do me a favor and test if my test release
> up in deken ("1.0-0_rc11-pre-test-release2") can load all objects just fine
> by opening the "All_objects.pd" file in the 'else' folder? You need Pd
> 0.54-1 by the way. Some users are complaining some objects were crashing
> the app or not properly loading. I have been fixing this but it seems
> different users get issues with different objects, which is insane...
> The deken upload is just for mac.
> Thanks.
> ps. by the way, it does take quite some time to load all objects, like
> even a couple of minutes, cause my lib is a bit big (524 objects and
> counting). It's weird how it all loads quite fast on my 10 year old macbook
> air running mojave... I wonder if we could do something about or if we just
> have to live with this hassle in current macs/macOSes... can someone at
> least confirm me if when you load an object first it may take a while but
> then the OS and Pd remembers it is 'good' forever and ever on?
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