[PD] [PD-announce] ELSE 1.0-RC11 with Live Electronics Tutorial is out.

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 18:11:21 CET 2024

Happy 2024! ELSE 1.0-RC11 with Live Electronics Tutorial is out. Get it in
deken, if something is funny, please tell me (waiting for raspberry pi
binaries from a helping soul). Objects count is now 527, total number of
examples in the tutorial is now 515! The library has 285 signal objects so
far, and I just reached the mark of 200 coded/compiled signal objects (the
rest are abstractions, of course)!

This 1st update of the year is quite packed, but even so I'm just
arbitrarily drawing a line because of the end of my latest course. I didn't
finish one big thing I've been working on which is revising and dealing
with multichannel awareness for 'routing' objects (panning, fading,
rotation, selection, matrix and stuff). I first dealt with most easy and
fast multichannel objects but this group of objects is what I'm most
excited about regarding multichannel connections. I had started with them
before, I worked extensively on them some more but I'm not yet finished
with them.

One cool new object is [pan~] and [pan.mc~], for circular panning with an
angle input for any number of given outputs. I rewrote my [mtx~] object and
now it can finally take gain values and not just on/off switches, so you
can use it for routing and mixing. A cool new [mtx.mc~] object performs all
this with multichannel input and output (nice). Other objects from this
group worth noting are the new [xgate2.mc~] and [xselect2.mc~] objects.
Also worth noting is that I am adding a 'spread' parameter in many of these
objects, which control how much a sound source spreads to adjacent
channels, you can use it narrow or expand. Like I said, more is to be done
here and one new object I didn't include just yet is [vbap~] and [vbap.mc~]
(vector based panning), hopefully next time. Total object count in ELSE now
with multichannel functionalities is 82!

[note2midi] and [midi2note] now have support for quarter tones. This is me
flirting with the idea of 'CAC' tools, this one works quite well with
Charles Neimog's python stuff that can render scores with quarter tone

[tabwriter~] added index mode to set index to record to with a signal, like
MAX's [poke~].

A new [abs.pd~] object is something I'm gonna use a lot myself. This makes
it a bit more convenient to use [pd~]. I love I can just click on it and
it'll open the loaded patch. This also allows you to use your
connected MIDI device in the sub-process.

I added some functionalities to [gendyn~]. Now it takes a center frequency
and it can then work more like usual oscillators, and you can use it for
poliphony. I've been having fun and it's quite cool!

The [plaits~] object is finally fully functional. Added some missing
modulation inputs and controllers that were needed in a couple of synthesis

For last, I'm finally adding wavetable scanning in my [wavetable~]
oscillator! This means you can slice a wavetable into 'n' given parts and
crossfade between them. A new [wt2d~] object can slice and scan in two
dimensions! There's also a new section on wavetable synthesis in my Live
Electronics Tutorial.

Full changelog here:

Short term future plan is to include in ELSE a submodule I'm working on
with abstractions inspired by euroracks, some of them are already in
Plugdata. Working a new polyphonic module based on [gendyn~] which is
pretty cool and I'm also excited to have a poliphonic PLAITS module, really
excited about this (hang in there).

By the way, ELSE development is about 7 years old now, and the plan for
2024 is to finally settle with a stable final version where things don't
break as much (I feel shame). The idea is to pair up with the 1.0 release
of PlugData that must come out this year as well (currently in version

Please support me on patreon if you like and use my stuff

you can follow me on instagram as well if you like where I'm always posting
Pd development stuff https://www.instagram.com/alexandre.torres.porres/

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