[PD] mob multitouch_xy with lcd overlay fires 1st touch as monotouch

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 06:04:33 CET 2024

Hey, since this video jyg pointed out that I had 1st touch   routed to
voice 0 and voice 1 and skipped routing 2nd touch . I fixed that and it
fixed the 3rd touch not firing, however the first touch still will not add
to the multitouch event and has index of 3.
If I move the lcd off of the grid, the first touch works. I tried cutting
and pasting the lcd and it's components to make sure the multixy was in the
background and on the lower zindex on Linux, it is the opposite for
Android/ios in mobmuplat objects have zindex variable and object with
higher  index captures all events. Any ideas how to allow overlay of lcd on
Linux with multi_xy underneath and have 1st touch fire as multitouch event?
I thought just make lcd multitouch or just add some primitive drawing
capability to multitouch_xy.  Regardless it's an amazing thing jyg has done
here and equally amazing whatever stuff he has used from iemguts to get
this working, you are amazing Hans, how did you do that? You are amazing
too Miller
https://archive.org/download/awww_20221216/billymulti.pd you will have to
cut the hair xtra connection from touch 1 to voice 1 and connect touch 2 to
voice 1, laptops dead and it's been raining for days so no solar, I could
try to edit on Android , have termux x-11 xfce proot debian puredata.  On
another note what about getting pd into termux repo? I tried to compile and
get autogen.sh error something about dfunced environment or something. Will
come back to that later just want to play some almost 0 latency touchscreen
keyboard and draw little circles to indicate my keys and change the colors
of the keys according to my mode selected. I guess I could just manually
draw a grid over the touchscreen like with a sharpie or hey, I could write
a drawing app that has transparent background that accepts fudi messages
and send it drawing commands anytime I want to change keyboard number of
rows columns or anytime it's moved around on the screen, w uhts the command
to disable input on xapp? Xinput, I always forget. my most recent music
with pd is here
https://archive.org/details/awww_20221216 some of the tracks are all pd,
all of the tracks are sequences with my fractal sequencer, some of the
tracks use one or another or all hydrogen,
dexed,surgext,yoshimi(zynaddsbfx), and or xensynth(pd) a few tracks are not
sequences usually indicated by _kb in title. Most tracks use Moments of
Symmetry beats or sub moment and or Marwa permutations variations of. All
tracks use recurrent sequence tunings as pioneered by Erv. Wilson(scales of
Mt Meru) and Jacques Dudon(Fractal sequences). Almost 100 recordings,
actually have over 100 just haven't uploaded yet and some over an hour
long. I'm not one to toot my own horn but Man some of these people
recordings are jamming man, when I play along with kb(actually sometimes
mobmuplat) if 10:note per octave tuning I usually used laptop kb for note
input. I'm sure you will find something you dig if you listen and skip
around, some start off kinda harsh while adjusting sequencer so skip to the
middle. Enjoy!
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