[PD] [vstplugin~] v0.6-test1

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Feb 13 20:02:58 CET 2024

Am 13. Februar 2024 18:33:23 MEZ schrieb baptiste chatel <baptiste.chatel at gmail.com>:
>Sadly, it is built on glibc 2.36 and my mint only has 2.35, same with the
>latest ubuntu LTS... What is your target distro ?

By default the binaries built on the iem build infrastructure are built for Debian/bullseye (and vstplugin~ is a project that makes heavy use of this infrastructure during development, so I strongly assume that the release binaries are built the same way).

However, for whatever reasons, Christof changed the base for the amd64 builds to the 'gcc' Docker image which is based on Debian/bookworm, so this is most likely your baseline glibc.
Since the base system was only changed for the amd64 builds, the other architectures (i386, arm, arm64) should have lower requirements.


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