[PD] spring modeling/scanned synthesis

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 14:11:28 CET 2024

although I'm not a specialist in this, I did manage to understand the 
basics of it enough for people want to hear me:


The materials used are a development of pmpd's materials, with added 
explanations and visualisations.

>> I know a little bit about filters and will try to investigate more. 
>> I've been avoiding physical modelling for ages and it seems its 
>> finally time to dig in :)
> Here is the most simple usable structure : a mass and a link.
> it look like a 2nd order resonant filter.
> now, the challenge is to find the equation that compute K and D from 
> frequency and attenuation time.
> cheers
> c
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