Where did the b!t evolution go? is not a group [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\

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>revolution n. _1_ the forcible over-throw of a government or social
>order, in favor of a new system. _2_ any fundamental change or reversal
>of conditions.
>  -- [The Concise Oxford Dictionary, New Edition]

evoluz!on. = d!zmantl!ng ur zezular prote!nz. = feel +?
= me\assa.g!ng dze apoptos!s komplecz !n dze c!toplazm.
rezeptorz = l!nkd. hover!ng __... tzzt tzzt

>We disagree, which is great! Progress can only stem from conflicting


>In addition, the *potential* of reaching
>more people does not mean that I would be able to reach the right people,
>those who agreed with me and wanted to join me in my struggle.

= dissagree.!ng with `self`.  is great! Progress can only stem 
from conflicting opinions.  ganz magn!f!kue.

et auss!. = louer!ng dze memor! bufr = akompl!shez d!to.
ma!z !n 0+1 rap!d - ud u l!ke 2 tazte 0+1 frakz!on ov m! 
bra!n eztrakt +?  = delektabl.


non.hormonal kontrazepz!on = 
ava!lbl 4 male + m!ce + onl!.
target = gene enkod!ng rezptr p2x 
= ganz prom!nent !n zmooth muzkle zelz
ov dze vaz deferensz = duktz = zperm 
trvlz 4rom dze 

en route 2 1 traged!. 



a. ou!. action = akz!on = obzcene.
= l!ez = 0+1 futur


>We disagree, which is great!


>We disagree, which is great!



cezt beau non +?

an interesting point which is in fact a contradiction
and is paralleled by fact several discussion lists
exist although one world wide discussion list is feasible
and would offer several advantages [netochka nezvanova 00]

amidst open source parades and new and improved standards [e.g. male fascism]
there exist minimal m9nd aktivity which could be construed as intelligent
by intelligent life forms.

nonetheless - although model citizens operate blindly
the overall trajektory is one language. one state. one race. one discussion.

non.non.non. e ou!.ou!.ou!. = action
= feasible only under one language. one state. one race. one discussion.

and yes. action. shall be rendered obsolete.
it is unnecessary. inefficient. uncomfortable.

oui. cest ca + one sensory quadrant.


dze bra!n produszez 1 !nternl reprezentaz!on ov real!t+e
not 1 l!f 4rm [!nkluz!v humanz] kan evr knou 1 real!t+e
odr dzn dze reprezentaz!onz made b! !tz bra!n.
dzeze reprezentaz!onz = !n turn dependnt upn dze bra!n.z organ!zaz!on
u!ch = d!frz 4rom l!f 4rm 2 l!f 4rm.
!n dze human zpez!ez + 4rom przn 2 przn

!n love.z labour.z lozt holofernez = ztatez

= 0+1 g!ft = posez. z!mpl. z!mpl.
0+1 fool!sh eztravagant zp!r!t full ov 4rmz. f!gurez. shapez. objektz.
!deaz. aprehenz!onz. moz!onz. revoluz!onz.
dze! = bgot !n dze ventr!kl ov memor! nour!schd !n dze uomb ov dze p!a mattr
+ del!vrd upn dze melou!ng ov okaz!on.

data = korekt
nettime-l = Ted Byfield = Geert Lovink = Felix Stalder 
= Katherine Jacobs = Pit Schultz = and others <=> neu 
+ !mprovd korporat fasc!zt f!lth + refusz


                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t
                                                       |       >

> ... you are a knockout

 cest pas vrai. monsieur. = `i` = ur catalyst.
 du = dze knockout. = `i` = send 2 you 0+1 nanometre gulibloon.

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