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>system now running...thanks for the assist.
>a separate ?:
>i went to www.m9ndfukc.org and saw item listed 'nato.0+55+3d+vd - 
>qt.qtvr.qd.3d+ internet.disziplin + audio.video digitizer modules. max 
>objekt' for $197.79.
>>>is this the nato.0+55 modular you've been discussing lately? 

nato.0+55+3d+vd is the version you have + 3d support.
the modular version is briefly described below.

>if one has 
>>>nato.0+55 does one have to upgrade to nato.0+55+3d prior to modular? 


>>>upgrade cost?<<

dependent on whether one has acquired a valid licenza 
for nato.0+55 or nato.0+55+3d prior to the modular release

         [ openparanteza

            "I assume it will be before June"  

             before before before 

         [ klozeparanteza

and whether the max-l fascist regime steps out + permanently down.


_>> nato.0+55 modular 

To: hc gilje



>so maybe I´ve missed some
>information about the modular version. Could you just give a short description of what this will do?

jas. it consists of 6o+ objektz \ msp 4 graphikx if u l!ke.
`unlimited` [limited by cpu] routing + of 
films / live video / 3d / qd / qtvr / flash / mp3 data through filters 
\ effekts [5o+ initially zeveral warp algoz. cellular automata. 
tele gamma etc etc _ ].  multitrack \ multi film video capture+

utilizing nato.0+55+3d modular now however it is not komplet. 

as with the current nato.0+55+3d
pricing will be very dependent on how the mcgill university regime proceedz. 
[in particular filth element - Christopher Murtagh <chris at MUSIC.MCGILL.CA>] 

if they fail to remove the neo nazi regime currently operating max-l the nato.0+55 modular cost will be high. e.g $600-800 

life = becomes much more expensive when banned. \+\ much of the work force = engaged in the war maskin. alzo ____... b!tzkr!eg .macht.mcgill univ.ganz.gluckl!ck+fr3! 


ciao. nn

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