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>2. Economy:
>Following the exchanges we had last month about making
>our own currency, I have been putting together Korzybski's
>data on money, and rebuilding on this base in the domain
>of our art and potential. I just did not know what to think
>about the currency, and preferred to consider the ideas
>and suggestions of Zoners who got something to say on the
>question before saying anything. I am starting from Korzybski's


>3. The CD :
>Paul has put together again the different musics,
>some have been added. Here is the contents
>Binda23 / Datawhore = Surrender To My Function = 2:06
>Codes For Source Collapse = An Image = 4:47
>Codes FOr Source Collapse = RaWaR = 6:43
>Apo 33 = Serum Of The Blue Ringed Octopus = 1:00
>Focus Test = Heel Stone = 8:32
>Hangdog = Experiment = 1:53
>HeadMonkey Media = Lichen Boogie = 4:12 >
>Rent = Hiding Through = 3:13
>Rasta Robert = Laaste Woorden Hassan Sabbah = 4:06
>Johnny D = Lich = 4:13 >
>Johnny D = Skiamachy = 3:05 >
>RoikaXul = Zimbus = 3:22
>RoikaXul = Panurge = 4:57

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0f0003 \\ s!n.x(2^n) cd no!sz.masch!ne !nterpolat!on. anti.akadem!k.

_____...___.____ 0f0003.m2zk!n3nkunzt_|-art!kl nummer 0+28.

detektion of onset + offset asynchrony in multikomponent komplexes.
diskriminating standard stimulus from signal stimulus
audibility as crisis and kommodification in sine.x


dze no!sz ztruktur as system degraded to an abstract totality
inspired by the urge to actualize itself as it arrives into tension with other
its audibility as subject, acquires urgency evoked by experience \ stored
data \ memory module
its central impulses mobilized by the objective tendencies of the crisis itself.

accelerating along 0+1 hyperbolic path the system resists delimitation
in an obscure anti-synthesis force of will.
as consequence of audibility the audible gains awareness of
self-internal structure, self-habitation.
its actualization - its loss of maschinik autonomy, incurs an internal
retain self-alienation,
experience internal kommodities simultaneously with event, whilst regarded
as an
external structure engaged in recursive reflection.

its impulses manifested in exterior structures
it is alienated under a regime of ownership
its becoming audible becomes a means of production.
the industrialization of audibility kommodified - the relationship between
labor of production and the event comprehends the self-generation of linear
audibility as process, the objektivisation as generation of a confronting
as alienation of the event to the process [ kapitilization ] and
the resolution of this alienation.

actualization alone permits comprehension of the essence of production
and the objective event: an actual becoming of entity - the result of its
process of audibility.

as an existing event, in an effort to preserve self-experience it defines
self-author of self-development. if the process of audibility is
interpreted as the experiential basis of the kommodification of a
self-generation process
it eventuates that recognition of the self at stages of production
permits the resolution of the alienation of temporal existence.
critical insight into the dialectic of alienated production and
kommodification attains
practical efficacy within the system, arising out of the objective krisis

dze no!sz ztruktur as one kommodified system of recursive discourse impedes
examination as a konsummate territorialized product.
internal events engaged in non-deterministik circulation, insist on
non-fixity of form.
consequently the system's architecture may be generalized only as embracing
the means of production rezultant of the means of production -
it is a massless object, an abstrakt maschine capable of accelerating endlessly,
its capacity directly dependent upon the practical appropriation of internal
events which are measured in accordance to their relations in discourse.
the value of the commodity is subsequently analyzed in terms of explanations of
event relationships as utilized in temporal audible space.


d!fferent!al d.ka! on 0+1 dezolate plane ov debr!z
ccccellofane spasz
!nhab!td w!th !mmater!al 4rmz enkloz!ng
komplecx !nternl referentz
ccccel-konzeptual!szd 4mat!onz dzat =
flatl! abrogate object!v anal!s!z


relat!v!zt!kc effektz bg!n zett!ng !n


alternat!v h!ztor!ez + parallel un!versez

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