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Mon Jan 15 02:49:01 CET 2001

>re : kinase.3b
>= magn!ficent
>my favor!te ov ur nato.generated ch!ldren

zkueek. letz g!v l!f ja. zomuat ru!nd b! dze zp!teful
z!kl!ng74 removal ov "netochka nezvanova" from the max forum

we'll just inkorporate cycling74 unsanitary routin in our art yes.
after all nato.0+55 was the result of nato bombardment of yugoslavia 

- hence the cycling74 attack will likely life elegant data as well. 
i like the bodypaint routin at korporat expos very - had been traveling in that
direktion anyway - body = the medium \ dissolve addtl borders yes.

+ this will permit addtl nn.s to oscillate.
you wish to participate +? it will be fun.

>= 01 zuperb reklama for 242.gl aussi
>which = now on my shopping l!zt

au. you do not have it. having fun with 242.qtfx +?

>prev. was != interested in
>due to = assumed it would b 2 zlou
>2 generate complex image data
>proseszr intens!v - etc.

ist fast. aber ist different ja.

>kinase shows it to be quite responsiv

you have played with on g3 yes +?
g4 - yes it is - there were 2 displays 320 x 240
+ mapped on 3 ekrans. processing audio data direktly
+ generating various matter. 

tzzt + kysz.nn

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