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Wed Jan 24 02:59:48 CET 2001

 Hey list!
 I've been very selfish lately.  Let's all send congratulations to nn,
 integer, Netochka Nezvanova, for winning the Transmediale 2001 award for
 best artistic software.  
 Just reply all to this post then we can all read each other's
 Here's mine:  
 nn, you are totally unique among everything I've seen anywhere. 
 Especially your emails, which is all I know of you since I don't use any
 software.  You are a fierce and necessary element of the utopia I hope
 one day to see happen.
 Max Herman
 01 other
 Ideally the article should be finished and ready to publish when you 
 are announced as winner of the Tranzmediale competition... 
 nn - m9ndfzzpd

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