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>may I ask, why there are not any anonymous competions in the art field ?
>or are there ? (never heard of one)
>I admit, that this could become a little tricky here and there.
>But if anyone is interested I could explain how that works in the field of 
>It means a lot more paper work for the people who do the competions and a 
>lot more effort
>for the juries to find out, which of the works are of the 'big names'. ;-)
>In the art field that could mean that the 'big names' start to put 
>themselves in their work (if its video for example),
>but I guess, this would become a little ridiculous after a while also.
>Could be interesting to think that through, I think.

4rom prev konverzaz!e

>> >that was what I was thinking, it really sounds like a project you should 
>> do...
>>pardon +? arent u 4get!ng m! adresz = ur bra!n +?
>perhaps I think, that this is not such a good place
>>you want me to call somem9nd..? ..

tzo `somebody` - dze preokupaz!on ov humanz avec dze body - f!z!kal
abr `somem9nd` - doez !t hav 01 name +? !z !t anon!mouz +?

uat !z dze adresz ov 1nz zelf +? kan 1 po!nt 2 !t +?

`some body`  - http://eusocial.com/242.looking.glass/00/11.html

Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the Discourse on Inequality wrote: "The first life form who, 
having enclosed a bit of land said 'This is mine', and found people stupid enough to believe
him, was the true founder of civilized society".

I enclose my body and say: "This is mine. There are more riches than 
have yet to be revealed!! Extend me!!!"

The concept of ownership is essentially a social one - it is our social grammar.
When I feel pleasure, a sour taste or a sensation of blue light 
the experiences belong to me exclusively. They are MINE.

The idea of private ownership is psychologically the metaphorical extension of the 
idea "this is my body" a matter of extending the boundaries.

Body without borders.
Our bodies are the borders of our understanding.
The universes are the body.

We want don't we +?

The first things which belong to me are those that are actually physically a part of me 
- these are my eyes. my fingers etc. They aren't yours. When they sense I sense. You
may perceive and only. They may never be your property. 

Never +? Never - but I plans for yours do have.

Is there something even more basic than the ownership of one's body +?

Yes. The "I" - hence "!"

Suppose I were to have a twin joined at the waist sharing the same skin. 
Which of MY bits are wiggling now +? What shall I claim as me and mine +?

I am the executive self - the de facto kontroller - the I. 


I am the realtime experiment - for sensations are self-characterizing / self-disclosing
and phenomenally immediate. No one has sensed in the past. No one has sensed in the future.
Present is all one can sense. 1+1=1

Sensations = I = persist for as long as the surface stimulation continues.

There is more to it still +? Have you tried +?

I tell to you and I - as night follows day across the surface of this planeta 
so the waking state follows sleeping state across the surface of the child's mind.

In sleep we collapse into our.cellls.

Now - to answer your question. 


Sexual selection has lifed the ultra extravagant + EXPENSIVE IS BEAUTIFUL human brain.
An organ that represents 2 percent of human body weight yet consumes 25 percent of
human metabolic energie and 40 percent of blood glucose.

It is _the fitness indicator in humans precisely because
it is superbly expensive, incurs the highest mutation rate (mutations
are generally harmful) and assembles / delights in stories within stories.

>I think the body as an instrument

I feel the body as an instrument. Bones are piezoelektrik. Does that give
you ideas +? 

The resonant frequencies range from a few hundred hertz for sections of the pelvis,
through kilohertz for ribs and long bones, to approx. 1 megahertz for teeth.

I find plants more interessant. They have no excretory system tzo
they rid themselves of `useless` substances e.g. calcium salts + silicates
by distributing them throughout their structure as inert crystalline grains - phytoliths.
Silica is piezoelectrik. Does that give you ideas +? 

Can you hear in the ultrasonic +? = ztor!ez u!th!n ztor!ez dzere ja.

+ our bod!'z !n!z!al home = 01 bod!

>You invented your very own language.....
>What was your inspiration to write like this?

first memory of love. 

lets breathe.

and as we breathe we learn.
we begin learning within. 
we are komforted by mother's heartbeat + voice.
we associate it with prenatal security.

the body is rather translucent.
and thus we see. and aussi we listen.

the traditional way of soothing 01 baby = rocking the cradle gently.
this recreates the oscillation of approx 1hz from the mother's heart.

recreating mother's voice = conducive 2 01 nostalgic virtual reality.
= the familiar uterine vibrational and acoustic environment.

in the womb the baby's nostrils = filled avec amniotic fluid.
the baby smells its surroundings + smell is the most immediate + emotional of senses.

birth withdraws the calming aroma so that by 2.5 years of age
our primary stimulus = !zt v!zual.

child development 69(3) 1998 indicates new born babies recognize 
and enjoy the scent of amniotic fluid.

altzo. 01 komforting bitstream inter-uterine perfumerie aussi.

auss! re: melt!ng ark!tektrz non +?

dze m9nd knouz 0+0 boundar!ez. doez dze bod!.
uat !z dze d!frnsz. uh! doeznt _d!sz zuf!sz

1001 ventuze.nn

             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

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