[PD-ot] [berlin] prutal druth #2: impure data flow

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Sat Nov 23 17:14:52 CET 2002

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 |Bryan Jurish wrote:
 |> well, i'm there ..
 |yup, me too.
 |> uh, where?
 |see http://pd.iem.at/pdwiki/index.php?PrutalDruth

hey, top.

sorry for x-posting, but at least members of both lists are invited to
drop by if possible.

i hope a) you noticed that the date changed to 6th of dec (20021206) and
b) that all of you have time in that slot as well.

location is announced now (see wikilink above).

programme has two members so far:

* we re going to present the gullibloon project, abstractly as well as
  by means of 1 or 2 example applications.

* possibly demo of some kind of data-headband, details follow.

if any of you want to do a demo, performance or similar (2 - 20 min.?)
let me know or just put it into
http://pd.iem.at/pdwiki/index.php?PrutalDruth -> programme yourself.

seoo thair_

-- i x Þ U .  O R G

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