[PD-ot] Re: gangklang (nbi@berlin 16.02.2003)

pix pix at test.at
Sun Feb 16 18:48:09 CET 2003

oops, i said i'd mail an update about the time, so if anyone was
interested, it looks like we are going to start about 11pm-ish. quite late
for a sunday, but that seems to be how nbi works.

see you in a few hours ;)


On Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:47:37 +0100
pix <pix at test.at> wrote:

> at the last prutaldruth in berlin there were some suggestions that we
> should do something at one of the last of the colorsync nights at nbi.
> well, we will, and it will be called "gangklang".
> this sunday evening (16.02.2003), a bunch of us will be turning up at
> nbi(schönhauser allee 157, berlin) with our laptops a long cable (to
> connect to a mixer) and our favourite patch.
> very relaxed, part social event, part performance. like
> prutaldruth, with a realtime collaborative soundtrack. 
> the idea is that the number of people should lower the pressure,
> encouraging people who would like to perform live, but couldn't manage a
> complete solo set.
> if you'd like to be involved as a performer, send me an email so we can
> have a vague idea of hardware requirements (mixers, cables) beforehand.
> if you'd like to be involved as an audience member, just turn up ;)
> i'll post an exact time when i have more details, just wanted to give a
> little warning since we'd already left it so late to announce it
> publically ;)
> pix.
> watch this space [ ]

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