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Nicola Bernardini nicb at miu-ft.org
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Il 02/10/03 alle 17:19, jacques couzteau scrisse:

> thank you for your help.
> the "sounding object"-book is available here:
> http://www.soundobject.org/SObBook/

right - I could not check the URL while I was writing the mail.

> http://www.mondo-estremo.com is offline! is the url correct? i suppose
> the "Introduction to Digital Signal Processing" by Davide Rocchesso
> will be available soon then.

uhm... I just checked - it's not offline, there's a temporary
placeholder cannibalized from the debian apache distribution (check the
writing in small print at the top of the page). We are currently
building the website along with the credit card system etc. in order to
be able to sell the books from where we are. I guess it's going to take
another 20 days to say the very least - we're really swamped now.

> the tutorial from
> http://music.dartmouth.edu/~book/MATCpages/tableofcontents.html seems
> very promising indeed!

I looked it up shortly - yes, it's a very nice and simple introduction.
Thank you for the tip...



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